Valentines Day Tree Idea

Valentine’s Day Tree

   With Christmas Decor around 75% off by January, it’s super cheap and easy to come up with Valentine’s decorations for literally PENNIES!  Not to mention the ease of simply recycling your existing Christmas ornaments, for Valentines. Why bother taking down the tree?

You can recycle white or red Christmas bows by simply removing the staples. 

 Alot of the marked down Christmas ornaments are absolutely perfect for Valentines. I picked up these masquerade masks for .50. 

  Or how about recycling gift paper and old clothes for a stunning Valentines Day centerpiece?

Add an empty wine bottle and a champagne flute….

The possibilites are limitless! 

Pulled from my sister site HOMEFREEKIDS

DIY 3D Coffee Sculpture

If you eat, sleep and breathe coffee, this DIY is for you.

   This project can be modified in so many ways, it’s ridiculous. So use what you have on hand. I used a ton of recycled stuff. But you will definately need Modge Podge. ( Plaster of Paris or Paper Mache add to drying time and weight of the sculpture). It runs anywhere from 7$ to 12$, depending on the size of the bottle. Also, for this particular sculpture, I chose gloss. I felt that matte just wouldn’t make it pop as much, especially under the spotlights. 
Basic list of things you will need:

  • Recycled gift boxes LOTS!(any type of thinner and bendable card board would probably do, but I liked the light weight feel of gift -shirt- boxes). Plus it’s hanging over my doorway and my kids like to slam things. I can’t chance heavy plaster falling on their heads. 
  • Modge Podge (go for the larger jar. Typically runs around 12$). 
  • Sponge Brushes
  • Recyled wrapping paper (or newspaper. I like the wrapping paper, because it’s white on the back and I only needed one coat of paint).
  • Acrylics or oil paints (either will do).
  • Scraps of fabric
  • Jewelry wire (it’s light weight. But if you prefer a heavier wire, that’s fine too, but beads have to be able to slide on).
  • Assorted Beads
  • 3 small ceiling or wall hooks
  • Scissors
  • Stapler (makes life so much simpler).
  • Scraps of mismatched stationary paper (used for spelling out the word COFFEE. If you prefer a uniform look, use whatever you like). 
  • Small Pliers (only if you need them. Jewelry wire is super easy to bend and twist). 

Optional: Hot Glue Gun.(If you want to embellish your mug)Optional: Empty Gift Wrap Tube (if you want to add a stir stick to your mug. I decided against it, but I did include a photo with it). 
   I seriously LOVED using old gift boxes as my base. They were super easy to bend and lightweight. For the back, I lined up and stapled together a basic backboard, cut to the size I wanted. And then I simply cut and bent the boxes to shape my mug. I used glue reinforced by staples. 

   Don’t worry about it being roughly thrown together. The Modge Podge will seal the paper you’re coating it with. Similiar to paper mache, but you paint  the Modge Podge directly on the cardboardunder where you will be placing your strips of paperthen cover with a strip of paper, then coat that with more Modge Podge. 
Which brings us to the paper. I used wrapping paper, cut into strips and in reverse. Make sure you put rolled up gift boxes or cardboard inside the mug, to hold it’s shape. I even tethered the back to the front with a small strip of fabric. So once it’s hanging, it doesn’t start to get droopy. 

I let it cure over night!   Next, put on however many coats of paint you want. I only put on one. I wanted it to have a mocha cream feel to it. 

   Allow the paint to dry. Then it’s time to trim it neatly around the edges. For my ‘frame’, I chose a silky gold fabric. I used a ton of modge podge. Under, over and in between. Tucking the fold under, so it wouldn’t have a jagged edge. When it drys, it’s shiny and stiff.  
   I used a yellow fabric scrap for my banner. Sealing it on with Modge Podge. Both under and over the fabric. The messier you are with the Modge Podge, the better. It will dry into a hard clear gloss. 

   I used stationary scraps for my letters. I wanted a mismatched artsy feel. Again, coat completely in Modge Podge. Over and under. 

   Next is the steam. I really wanted to almost be ‘interactive’. Definately 3D. So i stapled wire to the back of the mug board, then added a bead every couple of inches. Leave it long. It will be anchored to the wall or ceiling, once mounted. 

I Ok, so the as I said in the beginning, the straw is optional. Since the inside of the mug is filled with rolled gift boxes to hold it’s form, you can easily slide a straw in there. 

   You can hang it with screws, but honestly. It’s a stiff lightweight cardboard and a staple gun makes a much smaller hole. And make sure to leave room to anchor the steam to the wall or ceiling with your hooks. 

And viola! Your very own pop art coffee sculpture. 

Thanks for checking out my DIY. If you liked this idea, please share! 

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