Valentines Day Tree Idea

Valentine’s Day Tree    With Christmas Decor around 75% off by January, it’s super cheap and easy to come up with Valentine’s decorations for literally PENNIES!  Not to mention the ease of simply recycling your existing Christmas ornaments, for Valentines. Why bother taking down the tree? You can recycle white or red Christmas bows by simply removing […]

CNA’s and STNA’s living below poverty level

CNA’s & STNA’s are among the lowest paid workers in the healthcare industry, yet they face some of the highest rates of injury and illness. And when the pandemic hit, Covid 19 really enforced the need for many of them to reconsider their positions. This has had the backlash of an even bigger burden on […]

Beneath the Tattoos…

You know, I think about all of my children daily. I can’t turn it off. If I’m at the libray, I think of my third. If a basketball rolls into my line of vision, I think of my second. When Myth Busters comes on, I think of my last. But my oldest child, my daughter…..when […]

His painting…

(From my original site. Bare with me, I’m shifting things about). He finally finished. I posted last week about giving him his first large canvas. It took him a bit. But he has poured his heart, soul and mind into this lovely picture. Initially, it started with the birds. Then the shark. Followed by  the abstract […]

The River

Have you ever noticed how a river can trigger every one of your senses? The color, the feel, the taste as you breathe in the smell and the sound of water rolling over the rocks? As we walked along the shore of the river that morning, I couldn’t help but think how perfect it ‘all’ […]

It’s the little things…

So last week…I’m wandering about. I had a billion things to do and one day to do them. Typical. Throughout the day, I kept flashing back to my childhood. Random stuff. Not any one thing in particular. But our old yellow canary, Sunshine…popped into my head. That bird lived over a decade until he’d basically […]

What really went down up there…

I have started and restarted this journal entry, more times then I can count now. It always starts off one way, then gradually becomes something entirely different. And I generally avoid writing about my job. There’s zero point and 90% of the time…unless you live it…you won’t get it. I’m not even sure how to […]

Art and Empathy on the Younger Generations

I’ve used a lot of art mediums throughout my life’s journey. Honestly, I’ve scribbled…painted…glued…carved…molded…well, basically I’ve done it all. And I’ve come to the realization that my obsession isn’t with art, but more the freedom that it grants. In any other avenue of life, there are rules and parameters. How dull is that? Rules and […]

Over 40 Fashion Sense…eh…screw it

Fashion Sense?  Mine is…well….hmmmm….. It’s not that I don’t care what I look like on a daily basis. It’s more or less lack of time. It’s just easier to clip my hair up and throw on whatever I bothered to throw in the wash. Did I mention I have children?!? And honestly, I love them all dearly…truly […]

Between Legos and LOLs

“What’s a conundrum?” …..”ummmm, ask your sister“. So my youngest turned 10 this past December. He’s in that ‘inbetween’ world. The one where fantasy begins to slowly slip away into reality. Mind you, there’s still plenty of fantasy….but not quite as much. I’d say around a 10% decrease in the past year. Functioning at a good 90% […]


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