It’s the little things…

So last week…I’m wandering about. I had a billion things to do and one day to do them. Typical. Throughout the day, I kept flashing back to my childhood. Random stuff. Not any one thing in particular. But our old yellow canary, Sunshine…popped into my head. That bird lived over a decade until he’d basically gone bald.

There I am…suddenly standing in Pet Supplies….staring at birds. Did I mention it’s been a really lousy year? See the post below this one…lousy isn’t even the word for it. Anyway…long story short…I bought a couple finches. I know right…I’ve gone completely mental. Birds don’t even belong in cages. And I just filled the demand for the supply, perpetuating the cycle. In the moment I was pretty much thinking ‘ah to be young again…death is nowhere around the corner’. At least, that’s what I assume I was thinking. From a psychological standpoint…it totally makes sense.

I’ve named them Coffee and Xanax. I was going to go with Ativan and Haldol…Ati & Hal. Maybe they’ll have middle names. (I work in healthcare…trust me…it’s hilarious on my end).

They seem content though. One is a bit of a spaz, obviously that one is Coffee. The other is chubby and lazy. That’s Xan. And they love hearing other birds. We sat outside today for several hours. That seemed to reinforce the fact…that birds don’t belong in cages. Guess I’ll be building an Avery. They’re too tame for survival now, if let go. But the guilt is propelling me to Home Depot at this point. Figures. But they don’t seem to begrudge me my sarcasm and overall negative viewpoint…on virtually everything. I mean I can bitch and moan endlessly, and they’re just like…”yeah chirp chirp…you’re totally right…chirp chirp”.

Seriously…can we just redo this whole past year?

Without further ado…here are Coffee and Xan…

So yeah…now I have birds….

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